Website Feb. 15, 2020

Glen Phillips TP&F Site Creator

Transkei Place & Faces with it's more than 30,000 members are pleased to feature this cause and establishment on our Facebook Site. A warm welcome is extended to all my "new" friends plus their friends and acquaintances who are cordially invited to join
our Transkei Places & Faces site which has proved very popular and continues to grow in leaps and bounds as current membership numbers clearly reflect and confirm.

Feb. 4, 2020

Bethany Schultz

My name is Bethany Schultz, I am a 25 year old flight attendant from the United States. Zambia is my 9th African country and I do volunteer work in an orphanage in Ethiopia as well, but no place I have visited in the world compares to Simonga. From the
moment I arrived every person I have met in the village has treated me with genuine, warm kindness. I arrived a little hardened from being in America, but after spending just a day here I could feel the love from every person I encountered. The staff as well
as the children here at Thandizani are absolutely incredible. The work Edwin and the other staff are doing is so admirable and really makes a huge difference in this community. It has been the biggest blessing to spend time among everyone here, I have wonderful
memories that I'll carry with me forever. I highly recommend visiting this school if you have a chance to and can't wait for my own return.